DarkFox Violence Risk Assessment Tool

DarkFox is an expert system that collects and organizes data related to a potential violence risk. The information shared is used to develop a unique threat management plan supported by research from the fields of psychology, criminology, threat, and law enforcement.


We are experiencing an unpresented number of threats and concerns presenting in our elementary, middle, and high schools, colleges and universities and in the workplace. The best way to address threat is through a multi-disciplinary team which brings together law enforcement, counseling, and psychology, conduct and human resources, and case management. Once information is shared with the team, the development of a research-based and clearly outlined threat management mitigation plan is essential. DarkFox aids this process by providing a system that meets the needs of the professionals in the field.

No data is stored in this online system related to your entries. Users are encouraged to print and save the outcome to a PDF and maintain this according to your institution's data privacy standards.


The system is only available to law enforcement and members of threat assessment teams. Pricing is available for police departments, teams, and individuals. Fill out the form below for more details and pricing information.

Upcoming Webinar - Learn How to Use DarkFox!
Threat Assessment for Counselors, Police, BIT, Threat and CARE Teams
Thursday, October 27, 2022, 1:00 – 3:30 PM ET

Join Dr. Van Brunt, Jeff Solomon, and Nina Delgadillo as they share the how stop school and workplace shootings before they occur through violence risk and threat assessment. They will share how to do this through a two-step approach of first identifying risk through the Pathways triage expert system then assessing the risk with the DarkFox violence risk assessment tool. Pathways offers a user friendly, behaviorally based gateway screening for a variety of challenges related to mental illness, threats, and disruptive/dangerous behavior. The DarkFox violence risk assessment system is then used on higher concern threat to other scenarios. DarkFox offers police, counselors, BIT/CARE, and threat team members an easy-to-use system that develops a threat report covering the areas of vulnerability, negative thoughts, environmental stressors, suicidality, attack preparation, attack approach, and threat.

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